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Study visit of a group of experts to create the Automated Information System 112

Today, October 6, 2016, at the State Enterprise “CSIR “Registru”
there was held a familiarization visit of the expert group, developing the terms of reference for the establishment of the 112 Automated Information System in the Republic of Moldova.

During the meeting the parties exchanged views on the technical aspects of the interaction between the SE “CSIR “Registru” and 112 Service.

In this context Vasile Ciornii, Deputy Head of the Services and Project Management Department, held a general presentation of the company, noting that the enterprise is the holder of three main State registers: the State Register of Population (SRP), the State Register of Legal Entities (SRLE) and National Geographic Information System (NGIS). It was also confirmed that the SE “CSIR “Registru” is responsible for updating the information from the State Register of Population, moreover, the main activity of the company is the development, maintenance and integration of the state information registers.

During the visit, the experts addressed a number of issues related to the interaction between the registers, access methods and response time in case of a request for a specific information from these registers.

According to the expert Christian Nen, EFI chief adviser, experts request is called upon to reveal the real situation in order to develop an effective system, ensuring rapid response in case of emergencies. In order to streamline the process of creating such a system, the experts presented a series of demands to representatives of the SE “CSIR “Registru” regarding the access methods and possibility of direct access to information.

In conclusion, the experts expressed their appreciation for the extensive information and expressed readiness for cooperation in the future.

07.10.2016 - 12:49
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