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The SE “CSIR “Registru” suspended in corpore members of the examination commission responsible for the process of obtaining the driving license within the DQD (Drivers’ Qualification Division) Chisinau

12 employees responsible for examining the drivers of Chisinau municipality, employees of the SE “CSIR “Registru”, have been suspended from their duties as a consequence of an internal investigation that revealed certain irregularities in the course of fulfilling their service duties.

Concomitantly and for the first time, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation the Department of Vehicles Identification and Registration and Drivers Qualification has initiated the cancellation procedure of 17 driving licenses obtained through fraud.

These actions may be regarded as the set of measures initiated by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications aimed at excluding corruption and providing transparent conditions for obtaining the driving license.

Within the preliminary investigation carried out by the Security and Regime Service of the SE “CSIR “Registru”, the unjustifiable qualification of certain candidates was established as a consequence of a meticulous verification of the practical examination process for obtaining the driving license.

As a proof of the listed irregularities is the juxtaposition of the penalty points from the questioner of each candidate with video registrations and the awarded mark. Furthermore, there were accumulated evidences that have proved the obtaining of driving licenses by some candidates through fraud. 

During the day, the NAC jointly with Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office and with the support of the Security and Regime Division of the SE “CSIR “Registru” have initiated and conducted rummages both in the VIRD office (Vehicle Identification and Registration Directorate) and places of residence of third persons involved in fostering the fraudulent obtaining of driving licenses. The actions aim to gather the evidences that would confirm the fraudulent obtaining of driving licenses and involvement of the SE “CSIR “Registru employees in illegal actions.

13.09.2016 - 15:19
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