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The State Enterprise “Centre for State Information Resources “Registru” (SE “CSIR “Registru”) is one of the leading subordinate enterprises of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication, aimed at realization of integration processes of the state information resources formation. At the same time the SE “CSIR “Registru” is a unique supplier on the Republic of Moldova information technologies market, since it has the exclusive right to provide a certain number of information services and to manufacture products, including those of national significance.

The Activity of the SE “CSIR “Registru”

The activity of the enterprise is aimed at achieving the essential public purpose of XXI Century – informatization of the Republic of Moldova and building of information society within the realization of the National Strategy «e-Moldova».

The available high technology, intelligent and scientific potential, diversified production of information services enabled the SE “CSIR “Registru” to act as general contractor of the National Information System and its basic subsystems, and also to take an active part in formation of a national system of information services in the Republic of Moldova, singling out the electronic services.

The State Registers

The integrated system of the state information resources of the National Information System is a prerequisite for information society building. The SE “CSIR “Registru” is a holder of the basic state information resources.
The state information resources are divided into basic and departmental.

The basic information resources include:

The departmental information resources include:

Promotion of Information Society

  • formation and promotion of information industry in the Republic of Moldova
  • training of public employees and society in general for life in the information society
  • integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European and global information space