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Consultations on registration of vehicles and drivers issues

Information for the petitioner:

Please, take knowledge of information regarding the procedure of receiving and examining messages sent electronically to the SE "SIRC "Registru".

  • The official Web Page of SE "SIRC "Registru" is an additional way to assure the right to address to SE "State Information Resources Centre "Registru".
  • Citizens' messages sent electronically are examined in accordance with the Orders of the Law on petition submission No.190-III dated 19.07.95 and with other legislative and normative acts.
  • The confidentiality of personal data and information presented is guaranteed within the delivery and examination of electronic messages.
  • Messages sent electronically to SE "SIRC "Registru", which do not contain the obligatory information according to the addressing form, will not be examined.
  • Messages sent electronically will be examined in case of an accurate description of the question or proposal.
  • The message text should be written briefly (text volume should not exceed 2000 symbols).
  • The subdivision, which is in charge of examining the message, has the right to request additional information.
  • As the result of message examination, You will receive a reply on your electronic address indicated in your message. If you do not have an electronic address, we recommend to send the message by post office or to place the envelope in the mailbox, which you can find in the central entrance of SE "State Information Resources Centre "Registru".
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