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Identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova

Buletinul de identitate al cetăţeanului RM

The identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova is issued to citizens at birth to be used in the republic and abroad in accordance with international agreements.

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Identity card format ID 2

Buletinul de identitate ID2

Identity card format ID 1

Buletinul de identitate ID1


The identity card with an accompanying document

The identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova The identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova The identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova The identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova

Temporary ID card

Temporary ID card Temporary ID card

The identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova is issued:

  • from birth until 10 years old;
  • from 10 years old until 16 years old;
  • from 16 years old until 25 years old;
  • from 25 years of old until 45 years old;
  • starting 45 years old identity card must not be renewed.

Necessary documents:

In order to issue the identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Moldova, the applicant has to present the following breeder documents, depending on the situation:

  1. identity card of internal use that the citizen holds;
  2. identity card of the legal representative;
  3. documents of civil status

      - certificate of birth;

      - certificate of marriage;

      - certificate of divorce;

      - document supporting a name and/or last name change;

      - certificate of birth of children under 16 years old;

      - certificate of decease of the spouse, depending on situation;

  4. extract from marriage certificate;
  5. notification regarding breeder document’s term extension, rectification and/or completion;
  6. pension certificate, certificate that attests the degree of disability;
  7. document that attests blood type;
  8. documents showing the military registration: (military service record card, civil service card, newly drafted recruit certificate, certificate of employment (ID service), certificate regarding draft withdrawal);
  9. high school diploma or confirmation of a scientific degree;
  10. proof of domicile or residence registration;
  11. proof that the applicant paid for identity card and, depending on situation, state tax (bill of payment)

Beneficiaries that benefit from reductions at identity card issuance, within the legal provisions, additionally present documents that certify the right to these reductions.

The repeated issuance of identity card does not require:

      - to present the breeder documents, in case of adults, if no changes happened in his civil status and personal data;

      - to present documents mentioned in points 6, 7, 9 and 10, if these have been presented at the previous issuance of identity card and no changes occurred afterwards.

For confirmation, additionally to the application, the person presents a written declaration at his own responsibility in this regard.

In case of minors, the application for issuance of the ID card is made by a legal representative, who submits a written statement that certifies the child’s identity, legal status, home address or residence and proves that the presented documents belong to him.

Identification of people who have reached the age of majority and do not hold identity documents or when previously issued documents do not make identification possible, identification is made on the basis of declaration under personal responsibility of parents, legal representatives or other relatives (I-III degree). In cases when identification is made by second and third degree relatives, they should present additional confirming documents issued by local public authority or other state institutions, which have information regarding this person (military service record card, pension certificate, certificate from place of work or study etc., if these documents may help identify the person).

Applications for identity documents issuance shall be submitted personally, in writing, at the offices (bureaus) of population evidence and documentation in the area of applicant's domicile or residence.

The citizens of the Republic of Moldova, who are temporarily residing abroad, shall apply for documents issuance to the diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Moldova, and in case of their absence in applicants' states of residence to any other diplomatic mission or consular office abroad.

The identity card is handed personally to the bearer or to the legal representative on the basis of signature.

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